Nursing parents get cash to pay bills

Naira Khan, a mother of three from Delhi, said she was in a “tizzy” about a month ago after her husband’s relatives filed a lawsuit against her for “misappropriating” the couple’s pension funds.

“I was angry because I was unable to save my money.

My husband was also filing a lawsuit and my son and daughter-in-law have been getting money for months.

But we have never received any money from the court.

I was in an agony.

I was worried about my family,” said the mother-of-three, who was also an advocate.

Naira said she is the only parent of the three who can access the money from her pension funds and was in the process of filing a petition with the Supreme Court to get it returned.

Her husband, a retired school teacher and the only member of her extended family, is also a civil servant.

After the filing of the complaint, the family had gone to the Income Tax department to obtain documents proving that the pension was paid, but they were denied by the department.

“I told them, ‘I am the sole surviving parent.

If I cannot get my pension, then I cannot help my son,'” Nairas husband said.

She is currently in touch with a lawyer, who has filed a petition in the Supreme Judicial Court seeking to get the money returned to the couple.

While she said the family was living in a bad state financially, she also felt that the family members were not doing their part.

“We have no money.

We are not working,” she said.

She said she and her husband have been struggling to feed their two sons and two daughters.

In February, the husband filed a civil case against Nairi Khan and her sons, alleging that she was misappropriating the couple pension funds in the form of “petitions”.

“We had been paying the bills of Rs 15,000 each month and were paying Rs 2,500 every month, she said, adding that she has been unable to keep the couple family’s income as they have been unable for two years to meet their basic needs.

The court has given the couple till July 31 to file a reply.

She said the couple is currently facing a hardship because the pension fund has been “reduced by a quarter of its original amount”.

Nawar Khan said the father-of.

three has been a resident of the city for nearly three decades and worked as a civil engineer before becoming a civil official in December 2016.

Since then, the father has worked as an assistant manager at a private medical college.

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