New Zealand nurse costumes could save lives

Nursing costume designers could help save lives in the most remote areas of New Zealand, say researchers.

The team has created a range of new nurse costumes that look and function exactly like the ones used by real nurses, from the iconic white and pink nurse costume worn by the ABC’s Cydonia to the sleek blue nurse costume used by the fictional nurse from ABC’s New Girl.

The new range of nursing costumes, which the team dubbed ‘nicu nurses’, could also help improve patient outcomes.

They have the potential to provide more accurate care and improve outcomes for patients, the team said in a statement.

Nurses from across the country have been invited to share their costumes with the public, and will have the chance to win a pair of a special, specially-designed nursing gowns.

The nursing costumes are available in three sizes and come in both women’s and men’s versions. 

The team said that the range of costumes would help nurse specialists develop a new understanding of how nurses work and how they interact with patients.

The research was published in the journal Nursing Research. 

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