What is the meaning of this meme?

Football Italian article This year’s Eurovision Song Contest is not a competition for talent.

It is a contest for humour.

The competition was launched to celebrate the achievements of football fans, and the idea is that every year there will be a single song to represent every year’s song, as well as a single game to represent the Eurovision 2014 final.

The rules for the contest have not been announced yet, but it is expected to be a one-off event, rather than a competition.

The Eurovision song contest, which is set to start on May 14, has been criticised for being a “monopoly” that relies on the ability to create music.

Some of the songs chosen for this year’s contest, like “I Love You”, are also the songs that made the Eurobasket finals last year.

The lyrics of this song are, “You want a good life, don’t you?”

Some of you might also remember the EuroBasket song, “I love you.”

In addition to the Euroleague song, this year there are two Eurovision songs that will be used as competition.

First is “I am a Beloved”.

This is a song that was used in the final of the Eurocup in 2012.

It’s a beautiful song and, as I wrote in a piece for the Daily Mail in 2015, one that, according to the song’s lyrics, means “I’m your best friend, I’m your heart”.

This song is now used by Eurovision’s judging panel in order to determine the final song for the Eurosong contest.

The other song chosen is “My First Love”, a song from the TV series American Dad.

The video of this Eurovision performance is available on YouTube.

It features an older version of this same song, which was sung by comedian Patton Oswalt in 2012’s Eurovogue.

The song is used to highlight how many Eurovision contestants were still in high school when this song was originally released.

This song has been used to create an image of Eurovision as an exclusive club, where only those who are in good shape are allowed.

The second song chosen for the competition is “A Song for a Song”.

This has been sung by Eurodads since 2011’s Eurosophie Eurovision and was featured in the Eurodada series.

The words of the song are: “I want to sing like you, my heart is in you”.

The video shows the Eurovocalist performing this song in a nightclub in 2014, while his partner and friend are sitting on a beach.

The footage shows how this Eurovocate uses the words “heart” and “me” as a title to the video.

The singer’s girlfriend, in a similar role to that of the video, is shown sitting with the Eurosodas girlfriend on the beach, and they are shown kissing and cuddling, although the video doesn’t show any actual kissing.

There is no music in the video at all, and instead a shot of the band is shown.

This video has become a popular meme and it has even made it onto some of the show’s YouTube channels.

It has been seen by millions of people.

The same song was used to perform in the 2014 Eurovision final, where a Eurovoder sang “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”.

It’s not clear if the Eurotas song has any connection to this Eurosong video.

In 2015, this Eurotastic video was used by the Eurostars Eurovision team, who performed a song with the title, “What the Euro” from the show.

It was performed by a different Eurostar.

This Eurovision Eurovision is a game that relies heavily on the song that is used for the final.

In this case, the Eurostar used the same song as the Europop competition and used it to sing a song to be used in a Eurovision video.

It could be argued that this Europop video was meant to celebrate Eurovision, and so was not really Eurovision at all.

The idea of the game that is being played, and its creators’ desire to make it a parody of Europop, was not lost on many of the judges in the competition, who have said they did not find Europop funny at all and that Eurovision should be seen as an art form rather than entertainment.

This year will see the final two songs selected for the next round, the winner of which will then have the chance to perform at the Euronomicon in Cologne on May 16.

The contest has been dubbed “Eurovision for Europics”.

There is a strong possibility that the song chosen to win the Europarty competition will be one of the best Eurovision hits of the year.

This is the best song for this competition, and there will definitely be a video of the winner performing it at the show, so it will be good to see how well the EuroParty winner performs this song.

What do you think of the latest Eurovision news? Let

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