‘I was really nervous’: Nurse tattoos and nursing scholarships to make up for lost time

CNA nurse tattooing and nursing scholarship programs will soon be a reality in the state of Texas, but the programs have already taken a toll on the local nursing community.

The program, called Nursing scholarships, was developed by the Texas Nursing Association and will give students a chance to work in the community for up to three years.

They’ll also get to attend local nursing schools.

Nursing scholarship students will also be able to participate in an internship and internships at nursing homes, hospitals and community health centers, but many local nursing professionals are not willing to do the internships, according to ABC News.

“It’s just not an option for many people,” said Kristina T. Moore, the director of nursing services for the Dallas-Fort Worth Health Care System.

“So, it’s really unfortunate that it’s taking the toll on people who are just trying to get their lives back together,” she said.

While nursing scholarships are expected to help local nursing workers, they may not be enough for some local nursing home workers, according the Texas Nurses Association.

They’re asking the state to extend the program until 2019, but they’re also hoping to expand the scholarships by adding more nursing programs to their list of programs, including programs in nursing homes.

“We have a lot of people who have been in nursing and just are not able to do it because of this,” said Kathy Smith, the executive director of the Dallas nursing home group.

“Nursings is a huge opportunity, but we are really trying to make sure that they’re being used as well as we can, and that’s really important,” she added.

“The nursing community has been really good to us, and they have been really helpful to us,” said Smith.

The state of Louisiana also recently launched a nursing scholarship program, but its funding is being cut.ABC News’ Kristina Smith, Scott Kacsmar and Brian M. Smith contributed to this report.

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