Which nurses are most at risk for Ebola?

The nurse crisis that has infected more than half a million people in the United States has prompted a growing number of nurses to consider taking a different route: They are calling on the U.S. government to step in and help them get treatment.

“We’re asking for help in order to survive and recover,” said one nurse who works for the San Antonio Regional Health District.

“We’re just really trying to figure out how we’re going to get to that point where we can be treated.”

A nurse who asked to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of the topic says she is now considering going back to her job.

“It’s very scary,” she said.

“When we see the amount of sick people we see every day in the hospital, and it’s really hard to see people with Ebola, we just don’t want to go back to that,” said the nurse, who works in the nursing program for the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.

“I’m not a doctor, so it’s hard to tell what to do.”

Some nurses say they are already worried about getting infected.

One nurse told CBS News, “I have a lot of questions.

I think they should go to a nurse’s union.”

But some of those nurses are asking for the help to get the job done.

One of the nurses said she’s now considering joining the union, but her boss doesn’t want her to.

The San Antonio nurse has a history of getting sick during her time in the program.

She also says she has experienced anxiety, and says she’s worried about how to deal with it.

But she’s also worried about what she’s learning.

“I don’t know if I want to do it,” she told CBSNews.com.

“The question I have is, what do I need to do to make sure I’m ready?

How can I prepare myself and my family?”