Nurse betty has been hailed as the most qualified nurse in Australia

A nurse with a doctorate degree from the University of New South Wales has been named Australia’s most qualified nursing degree recipient.

Photo: ABC NewsA postgraduate degree is not a recognised degree by the Australian Nursing Council, which means it cannot be taught to nursing students in NSW.

But nurse Betty Taylor, 34, has been recognised as Australia’s top nurse by the organisation.

“I am incredibly honoured to be recognised by the ANIC as the highest ranked nursing degree holder in Australia,” Ms Taylor said.

“The work that I do as a nurse has given me a great deal of insight into how best to care for patients in NSW, including how to work in a hospital setting, as well as how to interact with patients and staff, and have a positive impact on patients and their families.”

Dr Taylor said she was delighted to have been chosen by the organization and was looking forward to continuing her nursing career.

“Being recognised for my nursing degree in a position that’s not accredited by the College of Nursing is a great honour for me, and I am looking forward and grateful for the opportunity,” Dr Taylor said, adding that she was proud to have received her degree at Sydney University.

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