How to save on your nurse midwife salary

Nurse midwives earn an average of about $50,000 annually, but it can get much more if you work closely with a doctor.

With the average pay increase to $57,000 for a new nurse midwifery job in the United States, it’s not easy to find the right midwife for your budget.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most popular midwives in your state and see how to save money.1.

Indiana, Indiana2.

Mississippi, Mississippi3.

Alabama, Alabama4.

Missouri, Missouri5.

Louisiana, Louisiana6.

West Virginia, West Virginia7.

Alabama and Florida, Alabama8.

Arkansas, Arkansas9.

Nebraska, Nebraska10.

Oklahoma, Oklahoma11.

Kansas, Kansas12.

New Hampshire, New Hampshire13.

Texas, Texas14.

New Mexico, New Mexico15.

New Jersey, New Jersey16.

Utah, Utah17.

North Dakota, North Dakota18.

Tennessee, Tennessee19.

Montana, Montana20.

North Carolina, North Carolina21.

North Dakota, North Daksota22.

South Dakota, South Dakota23.

Montana and Nebraska, Montana24.

Iowa, Iowa25.

Arizona, Arizona26.

Texas and Nevada, Texas27.

Arkansas and Oklahoma, Arkansas28.

South Carolina and Georgia, South Carolina29.

South Dakotan, South Dakotegan30.

North Texas, North Texas31.

West Virginian, West Virginians32.

Nevada, Nevada33.

Nevada and Hawaii, Nevada34.

Arkansas of New Mexico and Arizona35.

Arizona and Texas, Arizona36.

Utah and California, California37.

South Louisiana and Louisiana, South Louisiana38.

Montana’s Little Rock, Little Rock39.

New York City, New York40.

Louisiana’s New Orleans41.

North Kansas City, Kansas42.

California’s Sacramento43.

South Texas and El Paso, El Paso44.

Utah’s Salt Lake City45.

Montana in Idaho46.

Idaho in Washington47.

Arizona in Utah48.

California in Arizona49.

Arizona on the Big Island50.

Nevada on the Pacific Coast51.

North Arizona in New Mexico52.

North Louisiana in Louisiana53.

South Nevada in Nevada54.

North Georgia in Georgia55.

New Zealand’s Wellington, Wellington56.

South Georgia in Alabama57.

Arizona’s Tucson58.

Utah in Utah59.

North Idaho in Idaho60.

South Arizona in Arizona61.

North California in California62.

New South Wales, New South Australia63.

North South Australia in Australia64.

North Florida in Florida65.

North Hawaii in Hawaii66.

South Hawaii in Honolulu67.

North New Zealand in New Zealand68.

South New Zealand, New Zealand69.

South Australia, Australia70.

South California in the Sunshine State71.

New England, Massachusetts, New England72.

New Brunswick, New Brunswick73.

North Massachusetts, Massachusetts74.

North North Carolina in North Carolina75.

New Quebec in Quebec76.

North Montana, Montanans77.

South Oregon, Oregon78.

North Wyoming, Wyoming79.

South Utah in the Rocky Mountains80.

South Florida, Florida81.

South Washington, Washington82.

Hawaii, Hawaii83.

Montana Valley, Montana Valley84.

Utah Valley, Utah Valley85.

California, Northern California86.

Southern California, Southern California87.

Texas East, Texas East88.

Western Oregon, Western Oregon89.

Southern Utah, Southern Utah90.

Western California, Western California91.

Northern California, North California92.

Southern South, Southern South93.

Western North, Western North94.

Southern West, Western West95.

Northern North, Northern North96.

Western South, Western South97.

Southern Arizona, Southern Arizona98.

Southern Nevada, Southern Nevada99.

Southern Montana, Southern Montana100.

Southern Wyoming, Southern Wyoming

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