Which nurses are you looking to work for?

It is easy to be inspired to become a nurse by your fellow nurse.

But this is not always the case.

There are hundreds of opportunities for nurses in our communities.

There is no shortage of nursing opportunities.

Here are some tips for you to find the right career.

Find the right position A career as a nurse is a long-term commitment.

It can take you a lifetime to get to where you want to be.

Your career is different to your other jobs.

You will be in demand for many years.

You must always be on call and flexible.

Make sure your family can support you and your carers during these tough times.

Work in the community Some of our communities are particularly hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

Nursing is often a key part of the community support, as it offers people a safe place to go and meet friends and family.

You may find yourself working alongside others, as you have done for many decades in other communities.

Some communities may even have a nurse in their community, so you may find it easier to get started.

Find a nursing school to study Nursing education in Australia is not a high priority for the Government.

However, it is important that you apply for a teaching certificate to improve your skills.

Some universities offer the teaching certificate program, and many other organisations also offer the program.

You can find the number of Australian universities offering this program here.

Find nursing jobs in the area You may also find nursing jobs available in your area.

You might find you may have a competitive salary.

Some of the positions you can find include: Registered nurse assistant – a position which pays around $15,000 a year and includes a health insurance benefit