How to find the right nurse residency program

Nurses are needed in nursing homes and other settings across Canada, especially for the chronic condition of dementia.

Nurses who have completed a residency program in a hospital, for example, are eligible for Medicare.

Here are some things to know about nursing residency programs.

Who can apply for a nursing residency program?

The residency program is based on the residency criteria and requirements of the Canadian Nursing Standards and Regulations.

The requirements are different from those of other nursing professions, such as teaching or social work, which are considered part of the curriculum of a hospital or nursing home.

For example, a teaching program requires a university education and can include courses in nursing or allied health.

A social work program requires an advanced degree in social work and may include courses on nursing.

To apply for an existing program, you must meet the requirements and submit a letter of application from the hospital where you have been working.

You can also apply for the residency by filling out an online application.

For more information about a nursing program, visit

What do I need to bring to a nursing home?

A nursing home is a facility where people who have dementia or other chronic conditions live, with the aim of providing care.

A nursing program must provide an environment that is comfortable, safe and supportive, and that is conducive to the patient’s mental and physical wellbeing.

If a nursing facility is overcrowded, the facility can be used for temporary housing.

The facility must also provide access to a pharmacy, health care professional and/or family physician.

For an assessment of your eligibility, you may visit your local provincial or territorial health authority.

You must provide a medical record of your diagnosis of dementia and any other medical condition.

The health authority will ask you to fill out a form that includes your address and phone number.

You will be asked to provide your Medicare Card number and a current Social Insurance Number (SNP).

Your Medicare Card and Social Insurance number will also be requested.

You may also be asked for identification to verify your eligibility.

What if I need help finding a nursing residence?

There are a variety of ways you can find out if you qualify for a residency in a nursing house, including contacting the province, the federal government, the Canadian Medical Association and other health care professionals.

If you have any questions, you can call the provincial, territorial or federal health authorities.

For questions about finding a care home or finding out if a care residence is currently available, visit the Canadian Community Health Networks (CCNH) website at or call 1-800-663-4378.

To learn more about how to apply for Medicare, visit

The following are examples of the ways you may be asked by a health authority to provide a health record for the assessment of eligibility.

If the information you provide is required for Medicare eligibility, it will be included in your record and your Medicare card number will be requested and verified.

You are asked to fill in the form at the time of the request.

You provide your address, phone number, social insurance number and date of birth.

If this information is required by Medicare, you will be required to provide it as well.

You then complete the application.

You fill out an application form and provide your social insurance card number and an existing Medicare Card Number.

If your address is a hospital you are asked for your Medicare Number and current address.

You have a valid driver’s licence or a current driver’s permit.

Your current Medicare Card will also include your current social insurance numbers.

You submit a written letter that includes a sample letter of recommendation and a short statement that explains your eligibility for Medicare and why you need a program.

If no application is received by the time the deadline for the application period expires, your application will be considered.

You receive a letter from your health authority indicating that your application was approved.

What are the qualifications of a nurse practitioner?

A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse who is licensed to practise in Canada and is able to administer medications and perform diagnostic tests.

A nurse must have a degree from a registered nursing school in Canada or a comparable accredited program accredited by the International Commission for the Protection of Human Rights in Nursing.

A registered nurse is also required to be a registered pharmacist and be licensed to practice pharmacotherapy in Canada.

A physician may only be registered in one country.

A doctor is a medical doctor who has completed at least five years of training in a Canadian or accredited medical school.

A medical doctor must have an unrestricted scope of practice in Canada to practise medicine in Canada in a practice of their chosen profession.

A licensed social worker is a licensed social workers who are registered nurses in Canada, a licensed nurse practitioner in Canada who is an authorized practitioner in the practice of social work in Canada at the national level, and a licensed psychologist in Canada for purposes of social care and family psycho-social development.

A psychologist is a person who is authorized by the governing body

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