Why are nursing homes selling out?

The number of nursing homes being sold out is out of control, said the American Nurses Association.

The organization is calling for the end to the practice of selling nursing homes to families who cannot afford to live there, and the construction of more nursing homes.

“Nursing homes need to stay where they are and people who are unable to afford them have to go somewhere else,” said Alicia Kieffer, president of the association.

“It’s about saving lives.

This is the time to change our nursing home model, which is an unsustainable model.”

The association is calling on states to put a moratorium on nursing home sales, and for states to take the lead in protecting residents who cannot pay rent, and are living in the country illegally.

States have been slow to do anything about the nursing home crisis, said Kristin E. Foskett, executive director of the National Nurses United Health Care Alliance.

“The federal government has been slow on this,” she said.

“Nurses have been fighting for years for the right to live in their own homes and be able to live out their lives.

That’s been the fight that they’ve been fighting.

This isn’t the first time that they have been able to stop this.

But they have to get off the sidelines now and start to really do something about this.” 

A federal judge ruled last month that the nursing homes in Texas, Georgia and South Carolina that were sold to foreign nationals had to close.

In June, the Justice Department filed a lawsuit in federal court in Austin, Texas, saying that nursing homes sold to Mexican nationals in the Texas and South Florida areas violated federal laws.

The lawsuit also said the nursing facilities sold by the nursing companies were violating the terms of the agreement with nursing homes and had no right to remain in the states.

In March, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the plaintiffs.

In a 5-4 decision, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote that the ruling in United States v.

Martinez was an important victory for the American people and that it should not be construed as allowing foreign nationals to purchase nursing homes here.

“These states have not been able, and cannot, ignore the fundamental law that protects Americans’ right to be free from involuntary servitude,” he wrote.

The case is not yet in court.

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