Why nursing interventions are really effective and not the latest trendy fad

Nursing interventions are a proven, proven way to reduce or eliminate nursing home stress, according to a new study.

The study, conducted by a group of nursing students at the University of Missouri-Columbia, is the first to link nurse interventions to reduced or eliminated nursing home hospitalization and mortality rates.

The findings suggest that the strategies used to reduce nursing home health care costs can also reduce hospitalizations, according, according with the researchers. 

The researchers found that interventions can reduce hospitalization rates by about 2.5% in nursing homes with at least 100 residents.

They also found that the nurse-led interventions were effective at reducing the risk of death in nursing home residents.

“The results of our study suggest that nurse-directed interventions may be more cost-effective than conventional strategies in reducing nursing home deaths, and that interventions with nurse-based leadership may be a more effective way to prevent hospitalization, than alternative interventions,” said Dr. David W. Tompkins, director of the MU-Columbio School of Nursing and a co-author of the study.

The study’s findings are consistent with other recent research, which shows that nurse interventions are effective in reducing or eliminating hospitalization in nursing facilities.

The Nurses’ Health Studies conducted by the American Nurses Association, which also found a positive effect of nurse-centered interventions, found that nurse care was associated with a reduction in hospitalizations in nursing-home residents.

However, the Nurses Studies did not show a negative effect of the nurse’s intervention on hospitalization rate.

The findings of the new study also found some limitations.

First, it is not clear whether nurse-driven interventions work in the context of hospitalizations.

It is also unclear if the outcomes of the interventions are comparable across different health care settings.

“In the case of nursing home care, we found that there were clear differences between different settings, and those differences are due to the different health needs of the nursing home population,” said co-authors Dr. Matthew B. Stoddard, a doctoral candidate in the MU School of Public Health, and Dr. Scott P. Anderson, an assistant professor in the Department of Nursing.

“We also found these differences due to differences in the level of nursing staff and the quality of care delivered.”

Stoddard added that, although the research was conducted in the United States, the results may be applicable to other nations.

For example, the findings may be relevant to the treatment of nursing homes in other countries where nurses are less skilled.

“Although the study has important findings about the effectiveness of nurse interventions in reducing hospitalizations and mortality, the data are still limited and need to be validated in a larger cohort of older adults, which is the goal of the Nursers’ Health Study,” said Stoddards co-lead.

“The Nurses Health Study is currently ongoing, but we expect to conduct a larger analysis of the intervention effects of nurse led interventions in nursing programs.”

More information about the Nurss Health Study and the research team are available at: www.michigan.edu/nursings/nrs/nursestudy.aspx#.


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