Australia’s new cross country nurse bag: 5 things you need to know

Posted September 28, 2018 09:04:11Australia’s new Cross Country Nurse Bag will have you covered from day one.

The Nursing Bag is designed to be carried on the shoulder of the person carrying it.

“This new nursing bag will make nursing and midwifery a lot easier, with the ability to quickly put on your nursing kit and put your patient to sleep, which can help you to reduce the time you have to be on your feet and get back to your duties,” says the company.

“The nursing bag features a zippered compartment that fits in the front of your nurse kit and the bag itself is adjustable to fit any size nursing kit.”

The Nursing Bag comes in two sizes, the Small, and the Medium.

There are also two straps that attach to the shoulder strap of the Nursing Bag.

The company has also designed a new style of nursing shirt, with an internal pocket to store medication and medical supplies.

The Nursing Belt also has a pocket that can be used to store items like pens and needles.

There’s also a large pocket on the bottom of the nursing bag that can hold a bottle.

The nursing belt can be adjusted to fit the person’s own weight and height.

The new nursing nursing bag is available for $99.99 at The Nursing Bags Online.