Nurse shark, nursing license renewal delayed, as court hears challenge

The Indian Nursing Association and several other health care and nursing organizations have challenged the delay in renewing the nursing licenses of three nursing assistants who had been held up by a legal challenge in Kerala.

A day after a special bench of justices ruled that they had to wait a year to renew the licenses of the three, the state Health Minister K.A. Dattu said they were waiting for the government to issue licenses to their employees.

The Nursing Association said that if the nursing assistants were to be granted licenses, it would be an unprecedented step for a government to grant a nursing license to the same persons in the same state.

It had filed a case against the Kerala government on November 1, 2013, but it was not immediately heard by the high court.

Dattu told reporters in New Delhi that the government would continue to push the case for the nursing license holders.

“The government will keep all its cards open for all the nursing staff to continue their work, including the nursing assistant,” he said.

The three nursing aides, from the southern city of Mysuru, were arrested in March after the court refused to grant them licenses.

In June, a bench of judges, including Justice R.R. Rao, had ordered the government’s withdrawal of the case, saying the case was “a political question of the moment”.

The government had not yet responded to the court’s order.

The nursing assistants, who had applied for licenses to nurse, midwife, and other health professionals, have since faced opposition from their employers and their union, who have said the government has failed to adequately protect them.

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