When should you consider nursing?

When should I consider nursing, and how much should I expect to earn? 

I had never considered it.

I had only considered the possibility of becoming a nursing assistant in the past. 

 A few weeks ago, I read that I would get a job as a nursing student in a nursing home in Italy. 

I was nervous because I knew that this would not be my first job, but the prospect of a job with such high salary, the possibility to go into a nursing school, the chance to go to an elite school with great medical education, and of course, the opportunity to learn the best nursing practices and learn the most important nursing skills…were just too good to pass up. 

This article by Alessandra Vincenzetti is a little different from other articles I have read.

I was expecting to get a bit of an interview with a nursing manager, but this time I was surprised with the fact that the company did not send out a job advertisement. 

In my opinion, the job offer is not a bad one. 

My question to you is, when should I get my first chance to consider nursing and when should you wait for an interview? 


What’s your nursing education? 

In Italy, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a doctorate in nursing (and yes, you can still get an MA in nursing from the nursing school of your choice). 


Which nursing school is best? 

This is a tough one.

Many nursing schools are in the top 3 in terms of teaching and are located in the cities, which are considered to be the best in Italy and a lot of people have studied there. 


Are you qualified to work as a nurse? 

There is a lot to consider when it comes to the best place for you to start your career in nursing.

I would recommend starting your career as an assistant. 


Do you have any special skills or abilities that would help you get the best job in nursing? 

The most important thing in the recruitment process is your knowledge of nursing. 


How would you describe the job? 

It depends on your experience and how you would want to work with a nurse. 


Who should I interview?

The best way to decide whether or not you would like to get an interview is to read the job ad carefully. 


Can I take part in a job interview?

  You can but you can only participate in a very small number of interviews, and you need time to plan. 


Is there a job offer available? 

Yes, you are invited to participate in an interview. 


Does the company pay a lot? 

If yes, what would you be paid? 


If you do not want to be part of an in-person interview, what should I do? 

Do not waste your time in the interview.

 You can use the company website to find a position, or you can find a job through other social networks. 


Will you be compensated in cash or via a check? 

When you sign up for the job, you have the option to either pay with cash or with a check. 


Should I consider becoming a nurse in the future? 

No, not at this time. 


When should I start nursing school? 

A little bit before you turn 30, you should think about the future. 


Have you considered applying to other nursing schools? 

Not at this moment. 


Why did the company not send an advertisement? 

Because it is not clear what kind of nursing school you are going to be working in. 16. 

Am I eligible to be a nurse assistant? 

At this moment, the most you should be considered for a nursing job is a master’s degree. 


Did you get an offer to work at a nursing hospital? 

You need to find out about your position, and if it is possible to go work as an inpatient nurse, you could even apply to a hospital. 


Has your application been accepted? 

Nope, but I have received an email from the company. 


Where can I learn more about nursing?

The company is located in Florence and the main campus is located at Villa Di Stefano. 


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