Trump administration calls for ‘national emergency’ for D.C. nursing facility

In his final months in office, President Donald Trump has called for a national emergency for nursing homes and assisted living facilities that care for the elderly.

According to an executive order signed on January 20, the order includes an “emergency declaration” for the D.D.C., which has been plagued by nursing home closures, suicides, and murders in recent years.

The executive order says, “A national emergency is hereby declared and implemented pursuant to the law, in order to facilitate the timely and effective rescue and recovery of individuals in the care of a nursing home or assisted living facility.”

The executive orders comes just days after Trump signed an executive action that would extend federal disaster relief to D.J.s, which include nursing homes.

The order also calls for the “use of federal funds for nursing home rehabilitation and reopening.”

In the past year alone, the federal government has received over $100 million in disaster relief from Trump, but the president has made no public mention of any such effort in his final weeks in office.

The nursing home issue has been a hot topic in the D,D.U. Since January, Trump has been criticized by Democrats and some Republicans for the federal response to the crisis.

The D.S.R. has been at the center of this debate because of the fact that the Dauphin County is the county with the highest number of nursing home deaths, according to the Associated Press.

The county’s nursing home crisis was highlighted by a recent article by the Associated Public Health, which found that the county has seen an increase in the number of residents dying from the virus.

The AP reported that “a record 2,903 deaths in Daupins nursing homes occurred from January 1 through the end of March, compared with 1,811 deaths in the country as a whole.”

The Associated Press noted that the spike in deaths was not the result of a lack of nursing homes, but was the result “of the federal effort to save the Dausens from collapse.”

The president also has repeatedly accused the federal Department of Health and Human Services of not properly addressing the issue of nursing facilities in D.P.I.s.

According a report in the Washington Post, “the nursing home industry has long said that federal health and safety protections for the care they provide are inadequate.”

In March, the DCA received the first $100,000 in disaster aid from the U.

S Department of Labor.

That month, the Department of Veterans Affairs also sent a $1 million grant to the Dancins facility.

The administration has also received funding from the National Institutes of Health for a nursing center and assisted-living facility in Virginia.

The White House has also directed the Secretary of Health to develop a national strategy to address the issue.

“The administration’s goal is to create a robust and comprehensive national strategy for addressing nursing home care in the United States,” the president’s deputy press secretary, Lindsay Walters, said in a statement on February 2.