Nurse jokes are contagious, study finds

Nurse jokes, acrobatics and a sense of humour can lead to rapid and sometimes even rapid-fire responses, according to a new study from Australia’s Royal College of Nursing.

Key points:Nurses can be so quick to react to the right situation, study suggestsNurses who have a high degree of self-awareness, a sense or empathy for other people can make a differenceNurses are not always the most empathetic of nursesBut the study, published in the British Journal of Nursing, found that, even though nurses were often quick to respond to a situation, they did not always feel that way.

“We found that nurses were not always at their best when responding to a problem, and their self-regulation could be affected by the circumstances of their life,” study author Professor Anne-Marie Brown said.

“They can be too quick to see the funny side of things, and they can be easily distracted by the situation.”‘

We’ve got to make the best of the bad’The study involved researchers from the University of Sydney and the University’s Department of Psychology, looking at the responses of nurses from more than 3,000 nurses across the country.

In the study they asked nurses whether they had ever been in a situation where they felt they had no control over the outcome of the situation, and whether they felt as if they could have done something to make it better.

They then asked nurses about their attitudes to others in their nursing team, including their self esteem and empathy, and asked if they were satisfied with the nurse’s performance in their roles.

The results showed that nurses with high levels of self esteem were the least likely to respond negatively to the situation.

“Our findings show that nurses who are in a position of control in their lives have a greater likelihood of responding positively to an unexpected situation and making the best out of it,” Professor Brown said.””

But, if that is the case, they should take some time to think about what might be best for them.”‘

There are many ways to get along’In the next part of the study the researchers compared nurses who were in a high sense of self worth with nurses who had low levels of that self-esteem.

The researchers found that although nurses with low levels self-worth tended to be more empathetically and empathically oriented, they were less likely to feel that they had control over their lives.”

It is a point that nurses need to recognise, but it is also a point to be aware of,” Professor Breen said.

This study has highlighted that nurses may be better off just listening to their colleagues and being open to suggestions when they need to improve their work.”

There are so many ways that nurses can get along in their work and I think that the best nurses are also the people who are able to be open and honest,” Professor Koeber said.

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