How to make $1M in nursing scholarships

Nursing scholarships are an important way for young adults to receive a significant financial aid package to help them with their education.

But while there are many different nursing scholarships, they all come with a specific amount of funding.

Here are the top nursing scholarships you should consider.


National Institutes of Health (NIH) Nursing Scholarship: The NIH Nursing Scholarship is awarded to individuals who meet certain requirements and who have a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

The goal of the award is to help the applicant meet financial needs for the next several years.

The $1,000 scholarship is available to applicants who earn a bachelor degree in the nursing program.


State College Nursing Scholarship (SCRN): The SCRN is a state college nursing scholarship for students who are enrolled in a college or university program.

The SCRNS is awarded by the State College of New York, and the money goes toward tuition and fees.

The scholarship is awarded through the SCRN program and is offered through the New York State College System.

The amount of the scholarship is $2,000 per year.


State University of New Mexico Nursing Scholarship $2M: The $2 million SCRN was created in the mid-1990s to give students who attended the University of North Carolina a significant funding increase, but the amount of money is capped at $2.2 million per year, and applicants must have a college degree or be enrolled in at least one college.

Applicants are eligible for the scholarship if they are enrolled at a college with a bachelor of arts or a master of public health program.


California Nursing Scholarship Program: The California Nursing Scholars Program is awarded in the form of an online financial aid application to students enrolled in accredited college nursing programs, including nursing, clinical nursing, and medical.

Applicant’s must have graduated from an accredited college and have an annual income of at least $75,000.

The scholarships are available to students from California, and are awarded in three levels.


Basic $1 Million: The Basic $ 1 Million scholarship is offered to applicants with bachelor’s degrees in nursing, physical therapy, pharmacy, or a related field.

The Basic scholarship is a cash-in-hand award for students in any of the five nursing programs.

Applicees must have completed at least 10 semester hours of coursework in nursing or a similar field and have earned at least a 2.0 GPA.

Applicates who are accepted into the Basic scholarship are eligible to receive up to $2 Million.


Advanced $1.1 Million™: The Advanced $ 1.1 million scholarship is for those with at least two bachelor’s-level degrees in an accredited nursing program and who earned at or above the average of a 2:1 in their respective fields.

Applicents must have an average of at or over a 2 in their fields.


Master of Science $2 Billion: The Master of Sci.

$ 2 Billion scholarship is an award for those who have at least three bachelor’s or master’s degrees, have completed five semesters of nursing and at least five years of experience.

Applicances must have achieved at least the 3:1 GPA and be a graduate of a nursing or physical therapy program.

Applicators are eligible if they have earned two or more bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.

D. degrees and have five years experience in nursing care.


Doctor of Philosophy $2 BILLION: The Doctor of Ph.


$2 billion scholarship is also available to nursing students who have completed two years of nursing training.

The Doctor in Nursing Scholarship was created to provide students with an additional financial aid opportunity that can be particularly beneficial to students with less-than-stellar academic backgrounds.


American Society for Clinical Nutrition Scholarship: This scholarship is one of the top scholarships in the United States and is awarded for individuals who have earned a bachelor in nursing and earned at at least an associate degree.

Applicors must have earned an associate’s degree from a top nursing college.

The maximum amount of scholarship is capped by the Department of Health and Human Services at $1 million per student, and is distributed based on the number of credits earned.


Harvard-MIT Program: In addition to the $1 billion scholarship, applicants must meet certain qualifications including graduating from Harvard Medical School and having completed at most two years’ worth of nursing courses.

This means that applicants must also have completed an associate of science degree or have at most five years’ experience in a medical specialty, and have a GPA of at at or below 3.0.

The minimum number of years required is five.


University of Wisconsin – Madison Scholarship: In a nod to the success of the $2B nursing scholarship, this $2-billion scholarship is designed to provide financial aid to students who receive a bachelor or master degree in a health care or health sciences program and also hold a job with a public health or community service organization.

Applicers must have received at