What is nursing dress code?

Nursing dress code, which includes wearing the appropriate uniform and keeping up the social graces, is considered important for female doctors and nurses.

But it’s also a major part of our lives as professionals.

“We wear a uniform when we go to the hospital and we wear a suit when we are in the office,” says Anjali Thakur, who heads the national office of the Federation of Indian Medical Association.

“The nurses dress like professionals.

We wear white gloves when we walk to the wards and we do not wear anything to hide our bodies.”

The uniform is one of the many items doctors and their patients use when they go to and from work, especially for those who live in the capital.

But if the doctor is wearing the correct outfit, it is not always a conscious choice.

“There are doctors who have chosen to wear their uniforms even when they are not at work.

The dress code is there to help them in their job, and to protect the staff,” says Manish Prakash, a senior lecturer in the School of Nursing at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi.

But even the medical profession is changing.

In the past few decades, doctors have been getting more comfortable wearing white gloves and even surgical masks.

The Indian Medical Council says that the wear of surgical masks has grown over the last two decades.

“If we can avoid any discomfort or discomfort with our health, we can continue to do the best work and save lives,” says Kannan Patil, a member of the national council for nurses and medical personnel.

Doctors say that it is important to keep the focus on health and the work.

“Even though there are other aspects to the work we do, like our families, we are focused on our patients,” says Thakumari Devi, the chairperson of the Delhi medical council.

“I believe that all nurses should wear the same dress code.”