American Medical Association declares nurse anesthetics safe

The American Medical Assn.

(AMA) on Wednesday declared nurse anesthetic safe, citing scientific evidence that it is the safest treatment for patients.

The AMA also recommended that hospitals use anesthetic and surgical methods to help reduce the number of emergency room visits.

The AMA is a not-for-profit organization whose members represent more than 13 million physicians and nurses.

The association has long said it does not endorse or support any medical device or procedure.

The American College of Nurse Anesthetists issued a statement Wednesday urging all hospitals and other health care providers to use the safest and most effective treatment options available.

The statement says: The American College is committed to ensuring that health care workers are provided the safest possible care, including the use of a safe and effective anesthesia and surgical technique for their patients.

We applaud AMA for its leadership and advocacy on these important issues and will continue to support them and their patients.