How to get your job as a nurse in nursing: How much does it cost?

With the health care sector, paychecks are often less than $100,000 a year, according to a report released Thursday by the National Association of State Budget Officers.

It’s one of many reports that shows the cost of nursing is not as low as the profession’s reputation says.

The NASBO report, published by the Economic Policy Institute, examined the annual salaries of all state nurses and compared them to the median pay for state employees.

It found that nurse salaries were about 15 percent lower than the national median.

That’s because nurses are often paid lower than their counterparts in other professions, according the report.

For example, nursing students make about $26,600 a year and nursing assistants make about the same, the report found.

However, in many states, nursing assistants are not compensated for their work.

In New Jersey, for example, the median salary of a nursing assistant is $42,900.

Nursing doctors make about as much as the average salary for a practicing physician.

However the NASBO found that more than one in four nursing doctors are paid less than that.

The median salary for such a doctor is about $74,600.

The report also found that nurses are paid significantly less for work in hospitals, prisons and prisons for women than in other sectors.

In all, nurses earn about the average for doctors, $52,400 a year in wages, according for the NASBIO report.

The National Nurses United union, which represents nurses, said the pay disparities were unacceptable.

It said it’s trying to negotiate a better contract with the nursing profession to make a living wage.

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