Why do women cry more than men?

What are the emotions women experience when they cry?

Are there certain emotions that women tend to be more prone to?

It turns out there is a correlation between gender and crying, which may explain why women cry less than men.

Women cry more when they are stressed, stressed out, or in the midst of a stressful situation, according to a new study published in Psychological Science.

The researchers found that women cry when experiencing sadness, anxiety, or fear more than the opposite, but when those emotions are absent, women cry most.

They also found that men cry more, but not when they’re feeling happy.

The results of this study were surprising because previous research on women’s emotions and feelings had suggested that men’s emotional expressions are more similar to those of women, the researchers said.

“Men’s emotional expression is often thought to be male-centric, whereas women’s emotional response to emotional experiences is often more female-centric,” the researchers wrote.

“We wanted to test whether there was an interaction between emotion and gender in the expression of emotions.”

The researchers used data from a survey of 1,600 adults who participated in the survey.

They analyzed how the emotion of sadness and anxiety were expressed during the emotional response of women versus men.

The study focused on sadness, because sadness is a common emotion in women, and anxiety is a much more common emotion among men.

When women felt sadness or anxiety, they reported less crying and felt less sadness than when they felt joy or happiness.

Women also reported feeling less sad when they were angry, when they had a lot of time on their hands, and when they weren’t sure if they should eat or drink.

The women in the study also had more negative emotional reactions, such as sadness, when watching sad videos than when watching positive video clips, such for sports or other activities.

However, when women were asked to think about positive and negative emotions, their negative reactions were more likely to be negative than positive.

The scientists say that this difference in reaction to negative emotions may help explain why men are more prone than women to experiencing sadness and stress.

“Our findings show that men and women respond differently to the emotional experience of sadness,” the authors wrote.

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