How Hillary Clinton’s coronavirus diagnosis influenced her medical decisions

President Hillary Clinton, speaking to the National Association of Nurse Practitioners, said her diagnosis of COVID-19 prompted her to reconsider her own medical care and to make her first public health visit.

The coronavivirus pandemic, which began in October, has had a devastating impact on our communities and the health of the people we serve, she said in a statement on Tuesday.

“I am deeply grateful for the time I have had to recover from the illness and the challenges I have faced.

But as you can imagine, my recovery has been slow and difficult.

I will not rest until my health is 100 percent.

This is a challenge that will never be over, and I will continue to take care of my family, my patients and our entire community.”

In September, Clinton became the first sitting president to have a respiratory infection.

But in October she received the diagnosis of the virus in the midst of a marathon four-day trip to Hawaii, Hawaii’s second-largest island.

She was hospitalized for several days, and then released.

“While we were there, I did experience a bit of coughing,” Clinton told reporters.

“It was very uncomfortable.

It was a bit difficult.

But I got to the point where I could not breathe, and that was it.”

She said she has been able to use her lungs for two days.

She said she is taking medication, and she will be taking it until she recovers.

“So I have been able, if necessary, to use my lungs, which I am doing.

I have to take medication.

I am taking a multivitamin, which is a long-acting, very expensive one.

I’ve been taking it.

I know it will take a while,” Clinton said.

“But I do feel that I have a chance.”

“The fact that I’m able to breathe again is amazing,” Clinton added.

The White House declined to release details about the president’s respiratory condition.

Clinton has been recovering at home since her trip to the island.

Clinton said that she will travel to Hawaii and to other places where the coronaviruses are circulating.

“I’ve been out in the sunshine, which was the most natural thing to do for me, and we are all really thankful to have the opportunity to recover,” she said.

She said that her condition was “pretty stable” and that she did not have any complications.

Clinton has been the most high-profile president to recover after being hospitalized.

She is the first female president to return to the White House after being diagnosed with COVID, and has a long history of health problems, including heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

She also was the first woman to lead the Democratic National Committee.

Clinton was in Hawaii on Monday to take part in the first day of the annual Hawaiian holiday, which features the traditional Kona celebration.

She had been in the hospital for weeks and had to be evacuated from the state because of the coronivirus.

She has also traveled to Hawaii to participate in a series of community events, including a visit to the Kona Cultural Center.

The president is traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada, on Tuesday to attend the funeral of her brother, former Vice President Joe Biden, who died of COIDS-19.

In a statement to the AP on Tuesday, the White house said: “President Clinton was diagnosed with the coronovirus and has had to undergo extensive medical treatment and extensive precautions.

President Clinton is back in the United States as she continues to recover.”

Clinton, who is taking care of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, has been dogged by questions about her health and the diagnosis.

Some Democrats have called for her resignation.

Clinton’s doctors have said that it was likely her condition and her subsequent illness caused her to become more alert.

In March, the Clintons received a subpoena from a congressional committee into the coronvirus outbreak, which demanded that Clinton release all records relating to her treatment.

Clinton initially said she did nothing wrong, but then her lawyers and aides pushed back, saying the House probe was an effort to discredit her and to prevent her from serving in office.

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