Nurse Anesthetists in New Zealand say they can save lives by removing their jewelry

Nursing home residents say the tools they use to save lives are a lifesaver.

Photo: Supplied / RNZ  The Kiwi nurse anesthetics unit (NWA) is now accepting donations for a new product designed to reduce pain and discomfort in the eyes, lips, jaw, tongue and mouth.

NWA chief executive Mark Robinson says the new eye gel uses the latest technology to deliver the medication to the eyes and help relieve pain.

He says the gel is safe and effective and the new gel is not being used on the face, where patients may need to wear a mask.

The NWA is also asking for donations for the use of its new eye-glasses for patients who require it.

“We are taking on a new role to ensure that our nursing homes are providing the best possible care to our patients and their families,” Mr Robinson said.

A spokeswoman for New Zealand’s Department of Health said the department did not know of any patient in New England who needed an eye-lamp and that the NWA was aware of a handful of cases of patients needing it.

The department said the NVA is not aware of any cases of a patient requiring an eye mask or eye-protection.

The NVA’s new eye goggles are a first for New York.

They were invented in the US and have already been used in New York and Vermont.

The New York City-based NVA said the goggles were approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in the United States.

The goggles are made from titanium, an alloy that has a light-absorbing and high light-reflectivity.

They also feature a titanium lens, which can be changed by removing the lens cap, for a smooth, unobstructed view.

New York City’s NVA says the goggles cost about $600 and can be purchased from the hospital or at a discount.

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