Which nursing jobs are being replaced by computers?

Nursing jobs are expected to be at the top of the list of new jobs in the UK, with nearly half of all jobs being replaced in 2020 by computers, according to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

The NMC said the change is driven by a growing demand for more sophisticated and flexible nursing, which has seen an increase in demand for nurses to care for older people and people with dementia.

The report said that more than 20% of nursing jobs were to be replaced in the next 10 years. 

“The new generation of computers is a game changer,” NMC chief executive Joanne Smith said.

“It’s also being used in the care of elderly people, including those with dementia, and to support nursing homes.”

The digital age is creating opportunities for people to meet new needs and expand their skillsets, making it possible for them to stay in their jobs for longer.

“Ms Smith said that the NHS is committed to making the transition to digital more seamless for everyone, and that there are plans to introduce new digital systems to the workforce to help the process.”

We will invest £1bn to enable nurses to continue to operate across the digital divide,” she said.

The changes to the way nursing jobs will be done are due to be rolled out in 2020.

Ms Smith says the new system will make it easier for nurses, managers and nurses’ assistants to work together.”

Digital technology can be used to deliver more complex, high-quality care and improve productivity, efficiency and performance,” she added. 

The NMB report also showed that the average time spent on a nursing appointment has increased from six hours to nine hours over the last 10 years, with almost one in five nurses saying they were spending more time on their own appointments than their colleagues. 

There has also been a huge increase in the number of nurses on call, with more than two-thirds of nurses saying their appointments were at least once a week or more. 

Ms Smith hopes that the changes will bring an end to the nurses’ strike of the past year, which was the first time the NHS had not faced a strike since 2007.

Nursing workers across the country will be given the option to take a leave of absence to allow them to take part in their local nursing care services.

The NHS said it is committed “to delivering a seamless transition to new digital services, as we continue to grow the NHS in a way that works for everyone”.

The NMCA is calling for more nurses to be trained to take up nursing roles in the NHS and said the introduction of computers will help nurses to provide high-value nursing services.”

There are now more than 1.5 million nurses in England working in nursing homes and there are now over 6,000 nursing homes in England,” Ms Smith said, “This is a very exciting time for nursing and we look forward to welcoming more nurses and staff into our homes and care settings.

“The NMPC is also calling for the introduction in 2020 of the NMC’s National Nurses Day.”

Nursies Day is an opportunity for the public to get involved in caring for our elderly, with the theme of ‘Don’t let the old women do it for you’ meaning we all need to get back to caring for each other,” Ms Wood added.

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