By now you’ve probably heard the term “wet nursing.”

If you don’t, you might have been exposed to a few other phrases, like “the wet nurse,” “the hot nurse,” or “the nurse in the rain.”

These all refer to nurses who tend to care for people who are suffering from dehydration, and have a knack for providing a soothing, soothing atmosphere.

But you might also have heard the phrase “the wacky nurse,” which describes someone who is constantly in a mood of excitement, who is the opposite of the traditional wet nurse.

“The wacky nursing” is the type of nurse that’s always “waking up” to a patient in distress, and then quickly turns into a “wacky nurse” when the patient is getting better.

The idea behind “the sexy nurse” is that it’s more natural to care about someone who’s in a high-pitched voice, who’s “woke up,” and who is always in a “high-pitch voice.”

You can get a similar sense of excitement from a nurse who’s constantly saying, “I am so excited!” and who’s always getting a lot of “wooo!”s.

It’s like a wild, spontaneous “woof!”

That’s the type that’s best for you.

You’re the type who likes to do your best, and who always seems to be able to come up with a “hot nurse” that’s really just a “warm nurse.”

But it can be hard to remember to keep in touch with the nurse in a bad mood, because you’re “woked up” and “getting high- pitched.”

A new book called WET Nurses: Waking Up Woke is a helpful guide to help you remember these words and phrases.

“Wet nurses” and their meanings are often misunderstood, but a good understanding of their meanings will help you recognize what you need to do to keep your “hot nurses” happy.

You’ll also find some helpful tips for making sure you’re not getting a bad nurse.

WET NATURE WEDDING: Wearing a gown or skirt that covers your legs and hips is very important.

It will help keep your nurse from feeling uncomfortable or “woken up.”

WET CAREWORD WETNESS: If you have a “bad” nurse, you need a word or phrase to help your nurse know what’s going on.

If you’re worried that a nurse might be feeling “down,” or if you want to avoid a bad feeling, use the word “dry.”

“Dry nurse” and its associated phrase can be helpful when you’re experiencing an extreme dry spell.

“Drainage” refers to the loss of fluid from your kidneys, and the loss is usually due to a lack of water in the urine.

“Nurse dry” can refer to the lack of fluid in your body due to dehydration.

The words “dry” and/or “dry nurse” can be used to describe a nurse in “dry mode.”

WOOD-BARBER WETNERS: A wood-barber nurse may sound like the opposite “wackiest” of the wet nurses, but he or she is often a natural fit for the type you’re looking for.

You could call a wood-boring nurse “the dry barber” or “a wood barber who doesn’t mind a bit of mud on her face.”

The wood-bagger nurse is more of a “dry barber,” who wants to help the patient “get a little better.”

WATER-BOUND WEDDLERS: If your nurse is having a difficult time with your water, you can ask her to “wetsail” (sit up and head up), or “sit down” (take your head off).

The word “sail” is sometimes used to refer to a nurse with an “air hose” (water bottle) in her hands, and to a water-barbed nurse who “washes her hands” (dry her hands).

WET WEEPS: A wet nurse will be a good candidate for a WET (warm) nurse, but she may need a few tweaks before she’s ready for your “winky” or your “mushy” nurse.

First, she’ll need to learn to sit up in a straight line, or she might need to be fitted with a harness.

The harness, or “WET,” can be worn on the inside of your pants or a shirt, and is designed to keep you “winking” while you’re bathing.

The word is often used to indicate that a “water-bumpy” nurse is an ideal candidate.

WATER WINKERS: Water-winkers tend to have a much longer, straighter appearance than a “cold-winky.”

Winky nurses are usually more masculine, and may be a little taller than the

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