Why nike nurses prayer shoes will soon be on the shelves

Nike, one of the nation’s biggest retailers of athletic apparel, is about to make its first step into the world of nursing care, announcing plans to roll out prayer shoes for the care of people with special needs, including those in nursing homes.

Nike will release the prayer shoes in the first quarter of 2019, the company announced Tuesday in a blog post.

The new prayers will be available for purchase in stores and online, and Nike said they will be made available to a limited number of care providers and nursing homes, and will be the first step in providing prayer support for people with specific needs.

The prayers will feature the names of people who are praying for someone, Nike said.

They will be worn by people in care, who can help with daily tasks such as washing and dressing, cooking and cleaning, and preparing meals.

Nike said it is working with hospitals to make sure the shoes are made available.

Nikes prayer shoes have been around since last year, but they are expected to gain more traction with the release of the first prayer shoes of the year.

In May, Nike rolled out a version of the shoes, and the company is continuing to add more prayer shoes as its sales surge in the U.S.

The company’s prayers are being rolled out in a number of different ways, including on Nike+ in stores, in conjunction with the annual March for Life.

Nail salon chain Nordstrom has also announced plans to sell prayer shoes, along with a series of other products, including shoes for nursing homes and for people living with dementia.

Nails have become a symbol of faith in many faiths, but have been a point of contention with some conservatives.