How to Get a Nurse to Look at You, You Can’t Say No

Nurses and their doctors are everywhere.

We often get our first glimpse of their faces through the lens of our phones.

We’re also constantly bombarded with messages from patients about how they feel about their doctors, or how they want to make their doctor’s day better.

Here’s how to get a nurse to look at you, whether you’re on your phone, in the clinic, or at a meeting.

We’ve created a list of things to look for, so you can find out if your nurse is interested in you.


Are you wearing an office suit?

Nurses have a reputation for being easygoing and caring.

This doesn’t mean you should be shy about showing up for appointments, but you’ll want to dress for the occasion.

You don’t want your nurse to feel like you’re not there to serve, but instead are there to take care of you.

Also, if your nursing partner is also a nurse, be sure to make it a point to talk about nursing and your experience working in the field.

When you say your nurse name, she’ll look at it in a positive way and respond with some helpful tips for you.

Don’t be shy.


Are your eyes red or swollen?

This could be because you’re dehydrated, or you’re getting a cold.

It’s not a sign that your nurse thinks you’re sick, but if you’re experiencing any signs of dehydration, talk to your nurse about it.

If you’re having a fever, it’s time to take your nurse out for a cold shower.

You may be surprised at how effective this will be if you follow the advice on this page.


Do you have a fever?

If you feel unwell, get tested.

If your test shows elevated COVID-19, or elevated high blood pressure, get your nurse tested.

A blood test is also useful for checking your blood sugar levels.

You can find a lab in your local hospital or an outside lab that will test for COVID, as well.

If both of these tests are positive, your nurse should ask you if you need additional tests, such as an ECG.


Do your eyes hurt?

This is a sign of dehydration.

If they hurt, your doctor will be happy to let you go home.

If, however, your eyes feel blue, or if your eyes are not red, or are swelling or bleeding, it could be COVID.

If this happens, ask your nurse for advice.

Your nurse can usually order a prescription for an antibiotic, but some doctors may require a test for a blood test.

A test for elevated COID-19 can also be ordered.


Are there any allergies?

This can be a sign you need to stay hydrated.

If a nurse sees you with any symptoms of allergies, including nasal congestion or runny nose, or is concerned about your immune system, tell her that you are a nurse.

If it’s a problem with the COVID vaccine, your nurses will also be able to tell you.

If the nurse has no reaction, she may be able take you to the nurse’s room and get tested to see if the vaccine is working.


Are any of your teeth missing?

This will be the last thing you see if you have any dental work done on your teeth.

You will also need to see your dentist in person if you do any dental cleaning.

If none of these things work, your dental care will be billed, and you’ll need to get more dental work.

If all of these symptoms happen, your dentist may be required to schedule an appointment to see you in person.


Are my allergies hurting my eyesight?

If your eyes look red or have swelling, you need an eye exam.

If there are any problems with your vision, such an exam could reveal other problems, such a tumor or cancer.


Are the symptoms of my COVID symptoms making me feel uncomfortable?

This might be the case if you feel tired or unwell or if you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above.

You’ll also need your nurse’s advice.


Are I able to walk around with my eyes open?

The first thing you should do if you can’t walk around without any symptoms is to have your nurse check your eyes.

This will give you a better idea of how the symptoms are affecting your vision.

If anything is bothering you, ask the nurse for help.

If that doesn’t work, try the next step, but make sure to tell your nurse you want help.


What is the treatment for my COID symptoms?

If there’s no clear explanation of the underlying cause, you might want to try to get to a hospital.

If everything seems to be working fine, a doctor may be willing to prescribe an antibiotic or inject you with a medication.

But if the COID is still causing symptoms and you still can’t leave your house, your primary care

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