How to get married without the stigma of a wedding vows

Nailing your vows without the guilt of committing a crime or taking a bribe may be easier said than done, but there’s one place you can legally get married in Australia without any ceremony or even any wedding bands.

Nailing your vow to a ring or piece of jewellery is the equivalent of a marriage license in Australia, and the legal profession says it’s not a bad idea.

But if you’re a nurse and want to get your ring or necklace to your next wedding, it may not be as easy as it sounds.

A NSW nurse working in a remote rural community says it can be a tricky business.

“We’re in the business of looking after the health and wellbeing of the people we work with and we do that in a very limited space,” she said.

“For a lot of people it may be a little bit hard to be able to get a ring that they know they can trust to the person they’re going to be getting married to.”

It’s also a little difficult when you’re not quite sure if they’re actually going to want to wear the ring.

“But the NNS Rural Nurse Association says it is the only legal way to get the rings to your wedding.”

If someone is married with a ring, we’re going on the record as saying that the ring is theirs to wear,” she says.”

You can get it from a licensed health practitioner, a registered nurse and then you can get a legal nurse to give it to you and it is their right to wear it.

“A wedding band is a piece of metal or leather worn on the wedding band.

A wedding ring is a ring worn by one person to mark the marriage of another.

The nurse says she gets quite a few questions about what to wear and what to say at a wedding.

But the nurse doesn’t think it’s fair for the bride to be told she can’t get a wedding band without a wedding license.”

I think it really shouldn’t be the case that a nurse can’t wear their wedding band, they should be able do it legally,” she explained.”

The wedding is a moment of recognition for the couple and it should be a moment to be in full celebration and to celebrate their love.

“Nurse band is an optional piece of jewelry for the person who is wearing it.”

What to wear to a wedding?

Nurse sex education is mandatory at all hospitals, but some hospitals have a “do it yourself” approach, while others are more cautious.

Nurse Sex Education is mandatory in all hospitals.

“Sex education for nurses is mandatory, but not all nurses will have access to it,” Dr Hilda Henshaw, RN, a Registered Nurse and Certified Sex Educator, says.

Dr Hensshaw says the NHS is also working with licensed sex therapists to develop an online training module that can be accessed through a web-based registration system.

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