Why is it important to celebrate nurses on Christmas Eve?

A special nursing day is always a great time for everyone to be able to come together and share in a festive celebration of nursing, as nurses work to improve lives.

Here are the reasons why.


Celebrate the nurses that work in the NHS: There are more than 60,000 nurses working in the UK and there are many ways to enjoy nurses working with the NHS.

As we celebrate nurses’ contributions to the healthcare system, there are plenty of ways to be inspired and get your own hands dirty.

Here’s how to celebrate on Christmas Day.

1) Wear a nurse costume: For a festive look to your favourite nurse, you can try on the nurses outfit and take the time to put on a nurse outfit.

Make sure you have a nurse nurse costume, which can be found at your local nursing home or nursing home, such as the NHS Nurses’ and Midwives’ Supply Centre.

You can also choose to wear your own nursing uniform or make one yourself.

You could even make your own nurse costume to wear with a nurse or carer at Christmas.

2) Dress up in your favourite nurses costume: There’s no better way to make a nurse look good than by dressing up in the nurses’ outfits.

Here, we’ve included 10 nursing costumes for you to try on and enjoy as part of your holiday.

3) Play your part in a nursing holiday: Whether you are a nurse attending nursing home after a short holiday or a nurse preparing to start work at home, you are more likely to make an impact when you work alongside other nurses to support the wellbeing of our health services.

Here we’ve highlighted some of the nursing activities you can take part in at Christmas, and if you have any questions about nursing, you may wish to ask a nurse specialist on 0808 802 7777.

4) Take a look at nursing on social media: You can make a huge impact by sharing nursing on Facebook and Twitter.

You’ll be sure to see how nurses are using the social media platforms to make our lives better.

5) Join the Nurse Walkout: If you are in a Nursing home or hospital, then it’s time to make your voice heard by walking out of your nursing home to show your support for nurses.

You will be able take part with other nurses, staff and patients to show how you support nurses during this important time of year.

6) Share with your friends: It’s time for a festive drink and some nurses to get together and get some laughs!

Join a festive walkout in the nursing home you are at on Christmas day.

This can be a great way to share stories and stories of nurses that are just starting out in their careers.

7) Dress for Christmas: Make your favourite Nurse outfit for a Christmas celebration.

You are sure to look stylish and make a positive impression on the nursing community.

8) Take part in some fun activities: The nurse walkout is just one of many ways you can get involved at Christmas Day with your nursing friends and colleagues.

The nurses at the NHS Hospitals and General Practitioners (HPG) Nurses Club, Nursing and Midwifery Society (NMS), Nursing and Palliative Care Association (NPA) and Nursing and Primary Care (NPC) all have activities to take part and are looking for nurses to help out during the walkout.

9) Take an interest in the Nurse School: This is a great chance to get in touch with your nurses by attending the Nurse Nurses School.

This is where nurses from around the country take part to share their skills and experience and share their stories and experiences in nursing.

10) Take your nurse costume with you to the Christmas party: This holiday can be filled with a festive atmosphere for nursing, with a great nursing atmosphere for everyone.

It’s important to remember that nursing is about caring for others.

It is an important part of our NHS and we all have a role to play.

Share your memories of Christmas with your fellow nurses and friends on social networks using the hashtag #nursinew.

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