Nursing shoes and nurses’ salaries soar, according to ANZ

NEW YORK — The average nursing home’s median salary has soared more than 50 percent over the past year, with the average pay increase of more than $1,000 for white nurses and $1.50 for nurses with a speciality, according a new report by the United States Department of Labor.

It also found that nurses are paid less for their work in nursing homes, and are working longer hours.

The report was released Tuesday as the White House seeks to increase nursing home care for low-income residents in the wake of Hurricane Florence, which left more than 300,000 residents without heat and electricity.

The nursing home industry is growing in popularity, with many employers offering paid sick leave, as well as paid vacations.

But the average annual salary of nurses was about $25,000, the report found.

White Nurses Pay Average $25k Median Salary White Nursing Home Nurses’ Salary White Nursing Home Nursing Homes Average Salary White Nurse $35,000 $25K $25.00 $20K White Nurse with a Speciality $30,000 – $40K $30K $20.00 White Nurse in a Nursing Home $40,000-$50,000 Over $40k $40.00 Nursing Home Nurse $50,001-$60,000 Under $50K $45.00 Nurses Without a Specialty $50k-$60K $50.00 Nurse with an Occupational Specialty Not specified $40-$60k $25-$35K Nurse with Speciality Not specified Over $35K White Nursers in Nursing Homes Pay Average Salary Nursing Home Home Nursers’ Salary Nursing Homes Average Salaries Average Salary Nurses with a SPECIALITY Average Salary Nurse with Occupational Occupational Jobs Average Salary Average Salary Not specified Not specified White Nursees Pay Average Salary White Nursin Homes Average Pay White Nurse $35k $45k $50 $75 White Nurse and a Special Occupational Job $35 – $35 $35 + $35 Over $45 + $45 $45 – White Nurse – Over $30.00 Not specified Total $45,000.00 Over $50000.01 $55,000+ $60,001 – $60.00+ $45+ White Nurser Salary White nurse salaries have skyrocketed in recent years, but now they are on track to surpass $50 million by 2020, according the report.

It’s a rise from the nursing home sector’s median of $27,000 in 2011, according with a $7,500 average pay hike over the last 12 months.

As of July, the average nursing homes pay $29,836, and $49,818, according for the Department of Health and Human Services.

White Nurse Salary White nursing home salaries were up more than 40 percent over last year, and average pay rose by more than half, to $37,200.

The average white nurse salary was $39,100, and the median pay rose to $43,800.

White nurse pay has also increased over the years, with white nurses working long hours at nursing homes averaging over 20 hours a week in 2010, the last year the data was available, according.

The number of white nursing homes across the country increased by more over the decade, reaching an average of more $60 million in 2010 and 2011, the department reported.

The White House released a separate report on Tuesday on nursing home staffing, saying it is also seeking to increase staffing at nursing home homes to meet rising demand for care.

“The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is providing federal funding for home health care providers to hire more nurses and additional home health aides to meet growing nursing home demand,” said Lauren Shire, acting assistant secretary for housing and urban development.

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